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How to determine when to send out your invitations

When to send out your invitations – now that’s the question

This is a curly one I get asked a lot and the answer is a little different for everyone because everyone has different requirements but basically goes along the lines of:

Let’s start with the all  important wedding day as our starting date and work backwards from there adding on:

  1. The time your venue requires final numbers by (e.g. 2 weeks before the wedding)
  2. The time you will need to chase your guests up (the ones who haven’t replied to the RSVP on time)
  3. The time you want the invitation to be in the hands of your guests.
  4. As an example it goes something like this

Wedding date:                                                1 June 2013

No 1 – Venue requires numbers by 15 May 2013 –      2 weeks before the wedding date

No 2 – You want 2 weeks to chase my guests             2 weeks

No 3 –  You want my guests to have 1 months’ notice         4 weeks

So therefore adding all that up it adds to 8 weeks/2 months so your invitations need to go out 8 weeks prior to the wedding date which works out that they need to be posted 1 April 2013.

Now let’s talk about having your invitations made in time to have them out in the mail on time:

  • What is it your heart desires,
  • Who is going to make your invitations,
  • Is there anything unique about your invitation which might need to be sourced,
  • Does the paper etc need to be sourced,
  • How many invitations do you need and
  • How intricate are they.

All this adds to the time factor of having your invitations made, so I would suggest that the sooner you get together with me so that we can discuss exactly what it is we need to do the better.   In the meantime while you are waiting for your consultation appointment to arrive why not go ahead and  “ like us” on Facebook, that way you can keep up with all the new designs as they are being made.

The pros of booking early –

  • Your invitations are definitely booked in, no chance of you not getting them on time,
  • Your paper will be ordered once your deposit is paid and therefore you will avoid:
    • any price rises or
    • deletion of the colour you really wanted,
    • I can start working on your invitations as soon as you provide your details and you can have them as soon as they are finished,
    • That way there is no stress for you wondering if I am going to get them ready and no stress on me for last minute bits.

So what are you waiting for, phone (0411 221 723) or email me now to book your no obligation consultation in the comfort of your own home.

I’ll be back soon with another informative chapter in how to theme your invitations with your overall theme.

🙂  Monika

when to send out your invitations

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